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I’ve always felt brick patios can give an outstanding aesthetic improvement round any home. That being stated laying a brick patio will not be a hard challenge, however it may possibly take a fair bit of time to complete. The trick to laying a brick patio, is ample preparation and to break the mission down into clear and concise steps. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do on this article, as I’m going to give you a simple 9 step course of for laying a brick patio.

Step 1:
The first step to take when laying a brick patio is comparatively simple. Grab a string line and mark out the patio area.

Step 2:
Having marked out your patio space, you now need to outline the area with wood stakes. These stakes are available at any garden retailer or hardware centre. Hammer the stakes into the ground a good distance beneath the extent to be excavated to your patio.

Step 3:
Now it is advisable to excavate the marked out area to your patio. In case you are constructing a big patio space, I highly recommend you hire a bobcat to do the excavation work. They are simple to discover ways to use, and will prevent a whole lot of time.

It will be important that you simply excavate deep sufficient to make sure that you will have enough room for the base layers. Be aware that your bricks will lie on high of those base layers, level with the surrounding ground.

Step 4:
This step is one of the most important in the case of laying a brick patio. Make it possible for the area that you’ve got simply excavated is level. Saying that although, it’s desirable for any brick patio to have a slight amount of fall to permit water drain. Extra importantly though, this fall should be away from any nearby or adjoining structures.

Step 5:
Fill and stage the patio space with gravel. A scoria sort gravel with good drainage will do the job. Ensure you make the layer at the very least three inch’s thick, preferably more.

Step 6:
For a more defined edge, I highly advocate you box the edging of your patio by attaching timber to your stakes. This boxing can be eliminated when you’ve gotten completed, do you have to need to do so.

Step 7:
Now fill and stage the area with a stone mud or paving sand. You will find that it is very straightforward to spread. Be sure you tamp the realm down with a thick piece of wooden, or get a plate compactor and really compact the whole space as a lot as possible.

Step 8:
It is now time to put the bricks. You may choose from a number of patterns. It is vitally necessary when laying a brick patio, to tamp the bricks when you lay them. A rubber mallet is the perfect software for this job. Be sure to don’t hit too onerous, or you’ll harm the bricks.

Step 9:
We have now come to the ultimate step in laying a brick patio. Sweep sand into the cracks between the bricks. After you have completed that, spray the patio area with water to allow everything to set.

There we’ve got it! A pleasant brick patio that won’t only add great worth to your home, but also provide you with a fantastic outside dwelling area. Who would have thought laying a brick patio could be so straight forward!

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